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Zhejiang Chengxin Pharm& Chem Equipment Co.,Ltd.,Ltd. specializes in pharmaceutical,chemical and petrochemical equipment R&D and manufacture. The company is qualified in design of Grade I,II of Level D1, D2 pressure vessel, manufacture Grade III of Level A2 pressure vessel. The company has membership of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE) and it is the national high-tech enterprises, listing in China Petroleum Main Supplier and Zhejiang Top100 most potential investment enterprises. It got ISO9001 national standard quality system authentication and Centrifuge Machinery Safety Certification and it is also the cooperator of State Engineering Research Center of Process equipment and Re-manufacture of Ministry of Education. Founded in 1992 with the registered fund RMB 5.168 million, In 2012, our annual sales has been over 220 million Yuan. The factory covers an area of 120,000 square meters and the construction plants is more than 62,000 square meters. Within 386 employees recently, there are 52 engineers with middle and senior professional titles and 2 professor-senior engineers. Furthermore, the company engaged 12 senior equipment supervisors from technology colleges or relevant institutions as our technical adviser team. During the development, the company corporate with Chinese Academy of Science, China Energy Conservation Invest Cooperation, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Industrial University, Tongji University and other institutions on our technology projects, such as the company and Zhejiang Industrial University built the Pharm&chem Equipment Engineering Technique Research & development Center and it became the training basement of the students of Mechanical Engineering Degree. Recently the company owns intellectual right proprietor 18 items with 6 innovation patents inside.
The company has increased the investment continuously to renew and upgrade the production and test equipments to realize corporate development strategy improvement and facilities modernized. Our products qualified with GMP standard requirements and we have the enough hardware to produce ultra-long and ultra-large equipments. Recently there are more than 500 clients domestic and overseas. The company has set up offices in Binghai Jiangsu Province, Shangyu Zhejiang Province, Lepin, Jiangxi Province, Yueyang, Hunan Province and Shanghai. Some products has been directly sold to the clients overseas. We also have several professional teams for after sales service, which will supply the most rapidly and convenience resolution for any problem during the production process for our clients.
During more than two decades of development, our company always carries the spirits of “integrity, professionalism, refinement and innovation” and the management concept of “succeed with integrity and quality, Persist in talent strategy”. Chengxin is willing to cooperate with you sincerely for a bright future of pharmaceutical &chemical equipment.






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  • Single cone (screw) vacuum dryer

  • Tower distilled (refined) distilled system

  • Cone Vacuum rotary dryer

  • Ribbon vacuum dryer

  • Tube falling film evaporator

  • Efficient rotary film evaporator

  • Fermenter

  • Reactor

Single cone (screw) vacuum dryer


Tower distilled (refined) distilled system

The Company produced from the distillation column distillation system kettle (reboiler), evaporator, towers, condensers, gas-liquid separator, receiver tank, tank, etc., widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, textile, alkali, pharmaceutical, pesticide, electroplating, batteries and other fields.


Cone Vacuum rotary dryer

Our product SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for the drying of heat sensitive, low temperature, powdery or granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide industry.


Ribbon vacuum dryer


Tube falling film evaporator

Our product Multi-tubular falling film evaporator has the features of very capable evaporating with unit area, economical costs, small area occupation, widely usage and suitable for large process units, etc. It been widely used to concentrate dilute solution in the filed of pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Especially, this equipment is best for processing the heat sensitive raw materials...


Efficient rotary film evaporator

Our product GXZ high-efficiency rotary film evaporator is a new type high efficiency evaporator that makes film by rotary conveyer, then evaporate falling film under vacuum condition. It has the features of great heat transfer coefficient, high efficient evaporation, short time heating, flexible operation. Especially it is suitable for the evaporation of heat sensitive and high viscosity raw ma...



Fermentation vessel is a kind of biochemical reaction equipment. This equipment can stir the bacteria in the suitable temperature and appropriate oxygen environment to make it fermentation in liquid medium, in which it can be mass propagation and secretion of antibiotic.



The series of products are widely used in pharmaceutical chemical, fine chemical, petroleum chemical, food, light industry and other industries. It is the ideal equipment for process of material reaction, mixing, hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization distillation, evaporation.